Full Treatment

Don’t let your weight limit or slow you down, hack your way through weight loss and live life to the fullest. At Fat Hackers, we understand that you may be living on a budget. This is why we have split our treatment plans into four so that you have plenty of options to choose from. However, you will achieve better results with our full treatment plan which includes both cryolipolysis and infrared sauna. But what exactly are cryolipolysis and infrared sauna and how will they help you lose weight?


Cryolipolysis is a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment process that will help you get rid of excess fat cells in your body. This is a straightforward and simple way to get the perfect shape you desire or lose fat on any part of your body. It is sometimes referred to as cool-sculpting or cold lipolysis. It involves a cooling technique that will kill unwanted fat cells from the back, thighs, abdomen and the belly. First, we mark the fatty areas to ensure we target all problem areas. We then place a vacuum-like device on the marked areas to pull in the extra fat closer to the skin. After the fat is collected, it is frozen at controlled temperatures for about an hour although the time depends on the patient's condition. The cooling is done to destroy fat cells which are then flushed out during metabolism.

Benefits of Cryolipolysis

This process is for those who are looking to get rid of extra fat in the body. Cryolipolysis is also suitable for anyone who is looking for a lifestyle change with the perfect body to match. It doesn’t matter if your fat deposits have been resistant to the grueling exercises you have been doing at the gym or the strict diet you have been on; cryolipolysis will eliminate them in just a few weeks. Some of the other benefits of cryolipolysis include:

  • Non-invasive and non-surgical
  • Fast results in just a few weeks.
  • No damage to skin or other body cells.
  • Comfortable and painless process
  • No ugly surgical marks.
  • No rest required after treatment.
  • Long-lasting results with a healthy lifestyle.
  • Boosted confidence


Infrared Sauna


A traditional sauna uses heat to warm the air and then pass the heat to your body. An infrared sauna, also known as the far-infrared sauna, is a type of sauna that uses light to create heat. When you enter the sauna, harmless infrared rays will fall on and heat up your body. The beams go deep into your body bringing an immediate and relaxing feeling allover your body. The temperatures in the sauna are irrelevant because of the nature of the heat generated by infrared rays. Because of the deep penetration of the rays, you sweat profusely without need for high temperatures.




Benefits of Infrared Sauna

Research has already discovered just how beneficial infrared saunas are when it comes to weight loss. So how does this process take place? When you enter the sauna, harmless infrared rays hit your body warming it and causing a relaxing feeling. Warming your body increases your heart rate just as if you were doing hard exercises. The body then tries to lower your body temperature to the normal range; a process that forces the body to burn calories as you relax in the sauna. In fact, a scientific study has shown that spending just 30 minutes in an infrared sauna helps you burn over 600 calories. Other benefits from an infrared sauna include:

  • Refreshed and glowing skin
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved hair health
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced back pains
  • Improved detoxification process


First Trial

1 treatment 1 area
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2 treatment 1 area
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$1000 a month
2 treatments 4 areas
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$5000 One time payment
6month Treatment 
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